• July Leasing Agent of the Month!

    July 09, 2018

    July’s Leasing Agent of the Month is Rachel Hernandez!

    Rachel is a junior from Vernon Hills, IL! We sat down with Rachel and asked her a few questions so you can get to know this awesome team member!


    Q: What is your major? A: Middle grades education

    Q: What is your favorite color? A: Probably, maroon.

    Q: How long have you worked at JSM? A: It will be two years in December.

    Q: What is your favorite holiday? A:  4th of July, just because it’s in the summer, so it’s nice out. 

    Q: What is your favorite on campus restaurant? A: Sakanaya

    Q: Pepsi or Coke? A: Diet Coke

    Q: What is your ultimate dream job? A:  I would probably flip houses and be Joanna Gaines in another life…if that were actu ally possible. 

    Q: Iced or hot coffee? A: Iced

    Q: What is your favorite social media site? A: Pinterest

    Q: What is your favorite candy bar? A: Twix

    Q: What do you love about working at JSM? A: My coworkers probably. Everyone is really great!

    Q: Where would you go if you could travel anywhere? A: I would probably travel Europe, all of it, honestly. Greece in particular, but everywhere! 

    Q: If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose? A: I would be a giraffe.

    Q: Early bird or night owl? A: Early bird.

    Q: What is your favorite show? A: For a long time it was One Tree Hill, but now probably Scandal.

    Q: What is your favorite season? A: Fall

    Q: What is your favorite genre of music? A: I like everything. Right now I’m kind of in an alternative phase, but really there’s not a lot that I don’t like.


    If you'd like to watch a little bit of Rachel's interview, check out our leasing agent of the month video HERE


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