Dec 06, 2021

15 Things to Do During Winter Break

Congratulations on getting through the fall semester! I hope you’re getting some well-deserved rest now that finals are finished up. The question now is: without a full class schedule, what should you do with all that free time? The endless options of what to do during winter break might feel overwhelming, but don’t let a break from school cause you stress! This list of 15 fun things to do during winter break is here to help you make the most of your time off.

Things to do if you’re still on campus:

  1. Check out local events! There’s something to do almost every day around town, like the German Christmas Market at Riggs Beer Company, Winter Nights at Prairie Farm, and The Nutcracker at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts!
  2. Visit Candlestick Lane in Urbana to see the area’s best holiday lights on display.
  3. Get your other stuck-in-town friends together and try an escape room like Brainstorm Escapes or C-U Adventures in Time and Space!
  4. Try a hot chocolate from every cafe on campus, and let us know who makes them best.
  5. Search for Santa! He’ll be swinging by several local businesses throughout December, where will you run into him?

Things to do if you’re back at your parents’ house:

  1. Take a walk. Explore your childhood neighborhood and see how much has changed! Kicking off your winter break with a good bit of nostalgia will make your time back home even more meaningful.
  2. Go thrifting in your parents’ closet. There’s a good chance your parents have a box of their favorite clothes from the 90s lying around. You could come back next semester with a bag full of vintage goodies for the very low price of hanging out with your mom!
  3. Update your resume. Now that you aren’t worried about assignments piling up, you can start thinking about professional development and what you want to do after college! 
  4. Revisit those books you were supposed to read in high school English classes. Maybe Brave New World went over your head when you were 15, but it’s worth it to try again now.
  5. Call your grandparents. (This suggestion is co-sponsored by my grandmother.)

Things to do if you just want to stay home all day:

  1. Start journaling! Use this time to reflect on last semester and set goals for next year. 
  2. Try a craft. You’ve got time to hand make gifts for all your friends, whether you’re celebrating a winter holiday or just celebrating the end of the semester. Who doesn’t love a crochet hat or a Bob Ross style painting?
  3. Level up your video gaming. Whether you’re still playing Among Us, building your dream house in The Sims, or blowing off steam with Call of Duty, winter break is the perfect time to let yourself spend 10 hours a day in front of a screen.
  4. Watch a new movie every day (bonus points for cheesy holiday rom-coms)! Whether you’re just watching for fun or you want to hone your artistic eye like award winning director Bong Joon-Ho, you’re sure to find new favorites and have a good time!
  5. Get into baking. Like, really into baking. There’s nothing like eating goodies fresh out of the oven when it’s freezing outside!

How will you spend your winter break? If your favorite winter activity isn’t on the list, let us know in the comments!