Dec 07, 2020

How Not to Study for Finals

Nervous About Finals?

Let's face it. It's been a weird year. Your usual routine, habits, study places, and even class sessions have changed drastically whether you wanted them to or not. With this happening, you may just be tempted to give up, have fun, and forget about your school work in general in order to get through this year and be done. However, school is still very important, so here are some reminders you may need for getting through 2020's final week. I'm sure you have heard all of the best studying tips and tricks for how to best study for your exams, but today, I am going to give you five tips on how to not study for finals.

1. Don't Skip Classes

Although it may be tempting to skip out on your last few classes, these classes may be some of the most important ones. It may seem silly to attend a study session or that one last lecture when you could use that class time to study on your own, (or create a new town on Animal Crossing), but this is often when professors answer any last minute questions, explain topics further helping you to understand them better, or even give out some helpful hints they would not usually give out for an exam. Teachers and professors really do appreciate when their students continue to show up through the final exam, and often times they will show it by providing you with more information or tips you may need to do well on your exam. Even listening to other questions or comments from your classmates can help you to further understand a concept, or may even alert you of a concept you did not realize would be on the exam. That hour spent with your town on Animal Crossing will be much better spent in class, I promise.

2. Don't Rely Solely on the Internet

In a world where almost everything has switched to being virtual, studying for exams is something that can be more helpful to do on paper. Reading through your typed out notes or creating notecards online can be useful, but you should not rely on just staring at a screen to help you remember everything you need to know. It is very helpful to write things out by hand. Of course, you do not want to sit down and tire your wrists by writing out every single lecture from the entire semester in the hopes of memorizing all of that information in one night. Instead, focus on topics, definitions, or concepts that you are finding trickier to remember, and write those out at least three times. You can even buy colored pens to make it more engaging, organized, and easier to remember than your basic black or blue ink. If you are adamant to keep your study habits online, I suggest investing in some blue light glasses.

3. Don't Forget that Outside Exists

Although leaving your apartment, dorm, or house may seem like the last thing on your mind right now, it is important to make sure you don't forget to take a walk, jog, or even a simple deep breathe outside. Getting out of the house and away from screens, notebooks, and continuous thoughts about your exam will help you to clear your head, take a second to breathe, and relax. Make sure that studying is not the only thing you are doing or thinking about, as it will tire you out and cause you to stop retaining important information. Give your brain some time to regroup, and if you can't find a spot that is more than six feet away from people, don't forget your mask!

4. Don't Forget to Sleep

It may feel tempting to force your study sessions to go late into the night (or morning), in order to study as much as possible. It may also be tempting to unwind by scrolling through TikTok until the late night (or early morning). However, getting enough sleep is almost as important as studying itself. If your mind and body do not get the time they need to recharge each night, you will not be able to focus or function as well throughout the day. Give yourself at least 6-7 hours of good rest, even if that means missing a few new dance trends on TikTok for the week of finals. Trust me, you will have plenty of time to bust your moves all break long!

5. Don't Forget to Focus on What's Important

It's a busy time of a weird year. It could have been especially challenging to find the energy or motivation to really commit to school this semester. Do not forget to realize that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, and we are all doing our best and feel normal during times that no one could have predicated. You made it through many changes, challenges, and disappointments, and should be very proud of yourself for getting through it, no matter what. No matter what happens, you will be OK, Just keep going!