Nov 06, 2020

Kofusion VIP spotlight

Kofusion VIP spotlight

Don't feel like cooking for dinner or in a rush to grab a quick bite that doesn't disappoint?


A great place to use your VIP card is at Kofusion. Located right by JSM's Gregory Street apartments, Kofusion is a quick walk from Green Street and the Quad. There's also a bus stop close to the restaurant conveniently located by the Krannert.  They offer delivery and pick up services providing you with a safe and easy lunch or dinner option.  They also have great options for people who are vegetarian, gluten free, or just like food! We've put together a few of our go to items from their menu. You can also view the menu on their website!

Kofusion Website

Our Kofusion Favorites

Dollar Sushi - $1

This is one of my favorite lunch options because it's a great way to try their different rolls without breaking the bank. 


Panang Curry - $9-$14

This is one of my favorite curries. Perfect for a takehome dinner on nights you don't feel like cooking or ordering pizza. I recommend pairing this meal with the tofu. 


Stir Fry - $9-$13

This is a delicious and quick dinner or lunch item. Personally, I recommend getting the chicken stir fry but Kofusion also offers great vegetarian options.  


Shrimp Tempura - $9

This is one of my favorite appetizers to share with friends, but it's also the prefect size to keep for yourself.


free fountain drink with meal



With the JSM VIP card, you will recieve a free fountain drink with the purchase of $11 or more.

It's easy to get in on this deal with three simple steps:

  1. Place an order
  2. Show VIP Card at check out
  3. Enjoy your discounts all year!
Kofusion Website