Aug 23, 2021

Paris Super Crepes VIP Spotlight

If your tastebuds need a vacation, Paris Super Crepes is the destination for you! They’ve got decadent desserts, sweet and savory crepes, bubble teas, milkshakes, and more with flavor combinations ranging from your classic favorites to adventurous delights. Not only do their food and drinks taste great, but they’re almost too pretty to eat! Try the cheesecake delight crepe or, if you’re just looking for a snack, I recommend their sweet potato fries. Plus, they’re always coming up with new snacks and sweets, so you can try something new every time!

Use your JSM VIP card or Community Rewards coupon at checkout for 5% off your whole check! Take a culinary adventure on campus at Paris Super Crepes!

Paris Super Crepes Bubble Tea