• November 7th, 2018
    By Amanda Chi

    Getting You Through Midterms

    1. Study! Review lecture notes, do practice exams, look over your textbooks, join a study group, and meet with your professor for last minute questions. There are so many great places to study on campus (Grainger, UGL, BIF, IKE, Krannert Center, Main Library, Illini Union)

    2. Turn your phone off while you study to avoid distractions and boost productivity

    3. Get a good night's sleep - 8 hours is perfect

    4. Pack your backpack the night before so you're not scrambling the day of the exam - graphing calculator, iCard, pencil, pens, formula sheet, etc.

    5. Eat a nutritious, brain-fueling breakfast before you go into your exam and look over notes again while you're eating. Nuts, coffee, avocados, fruit, eggs are some great, healthy choices.

    6. If your fridge & pantry are looking a bit bare.... don't worry! JSM will be having a resident appreciation breakfast on Thursday, November 15th from 9am to noon at the office. Stop by for some Dunkin coffee & donuts/munchkins, bagels & Panera cream cheese, and much more.

    7. During the exam, make to take your time, check your work, and ask questions if you need extra clarification