Subleasing FAQ

Who is the sublessor and who is the Sublessee?

The Sublessor is the person who has the original lease with JSM. The Sublessee is the new person who will sublease the apartment. 

How can I sublease my apartment?

You may sublease your apartment to another person by signing a sublease agreement through JSM.

What is a Sublease Agreement?

The Sublease Agreement is a contract between the original resident (Sublessor) and the new resident (Sublessee).

Who is responsible for rent payment?

The Sublessor will still be ultimately responsible to JSM for all lease obligations should the Sublessee not fulfill her sublease obligations.

Is there a fee to sublease?

Fees for subleasing are $50 for each apartment Sublease Agreement. Either the Sublessor or the Sublessee can pay this fee. 

How do I find someone to sublease my apartment?

Current residents are responsible for locating their own Sublessees. Choose responsible individuals as your Sublessees. Residents can place their names on JSM's online Available Sublease list. We also suggest you place an ad on, Facebook's UIUC Sublet pages, the Daily Illini's online classified ad section for subleases, and/or post flyers throughout campus to find a Sublessee.

I found someone to sublease, what do I do now?

The potential Sublessee must submit a lease application on our website. Once the application has been submitted you can return to the main Subleasing page for step-by-step instructions.  Potential sublessees not passing the credit application will not be allowed to sign a Sublease Agreement.

There's a fee on my account I haven't paid, can I still sublease my apartment?

Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before a Sublease Agreement can be signed.

What do I need to do before my sublease agreement is signed?

  • Find a Sublessee.

  • Have the Sublessee submit a lease application on our web site.

  • Agree on the beginning date of the sublease.

  • Agree on the end date of the sublease. (not beyond the end date of the original lease)

  • Agree on the sublease payment amount. If this is less than the amount of rent due, the original tenant must pay the difference to JSM.

  • Determine if the Sublessor will charge the Sublessee a security deposit, and how much.

Should I charge my Sublessee a security deposit?

JSM strongly suggests that you charge the Sublessee a security deposit. We suggest $200 per person but it can be any amount. The Sublessee pays the security deposit directly to the Sublessor.

What if there is a deduction from the security deposit at the end of my lease? How do we keep a record of whether it happened before or after the apartment was subleased?

JSM will give you a new "Inventory & Condition Report". We recommend that on or near the start date of the sublease, one of the current residents and one of the sublessees inspect the apartment together noting the condition of all items on the Report. Both individuals should sign it, date it and keep copies for themselves.

If I charged my Sublessee a security deposit, do I return all of it?

If the sublease end date coincides with the end of the original lease, the Sublessor will wait to receive the information on deductions from the original security deposit paid to JSM, then deduct damages if needed. If the sublease end date is prior to the end of the original lease, the sublessor will need to inspect the apartment for damages and determine whether to charge the Sublessee.

If I charge a security deposit, when must I return it to my Sublessee?

The Sublessor must return the security deposit within thirty days of the end of the Sublease Agreement.

My roommate just left town for the weekend, can he submit a form via email?

Yes, forms can be downloaded, signed, scanned and emailed to JSM at  Email us if you require a form not available on our website.

Can I sign a sublease via email?

Yes, all subleases are done via email. All sublessees must submit lease applications on the JSM website. The Sublessor(s) and Sublessee(s) must first agree upon the terms of the sublease (see below) and then the original resident(s) will fill out the online Sublease Information Form to start the subleasing process.

  • The building and apartment number being subleased

  • In multiple bedroom apartments state the person you are subleasing from

  • The total rent amount each party is paying

  • The sublease start date

  • The sublease end date

  • The amount of security deposit the Sublessor(s) will charge the Sublessee(s), if any.

  • Then an original tenant can call JSM (217)359-6108 to have the agreement sent via email.If this is a summer sublease, all remaining rent due to JSM must be paid in full before the sublease agreement is signed

I'm subleasing to someone but my roommates are not subleasing their rooms, do I need their permission to sublease my room?

Yes, the remaining roommates not subleasing must sign a "Sublease Authorization" form.  Please email us at and we'll send you the form.

Do summer subleases have to pay all the summer rent?

If an apartment is being subleased for summer (May through August only), all of the rent due for the summer must be paid to JSM before the Sublease Agreement can be signed.

What forms of payment are acceptable when paying on a summer sublease?

If the Sublessor is making the payment, the summer rent may be paid using any regularly accepted payment forms. If this payment is made by the summer Sublessee, payment can only be made by personal check, cashier's check, electronic check, money order or credit card.

What forms of payment are acceptable when paying rent for regular (non-summer) subleases?

Regular (non-summer) sublessees can pay their rent in monthly installments on the first of each month in accordance with the original lease agreement by personal check, cashier's check, money order or online credit or debit card.

I have automatic withdrawal for my rent payments. Will that stop as soon as I sublease my apartment?

No, to stop your automatic withdrawal payments you will need to do so in the Resident Portal. 

Can I sublease my parking space?

Yes. You can download a Parking Sublease Agreement from our website. Both parties must fill it in and sign it, then the parking Sublessee (person taking over the spot) must bring the form to our office. We will then give the Sublessee a copy of the lease, so they can use the spot and tow others from the spot.

If I sublease my parking space, does the Sublessee have to live in my building?

Because they are secure buildings, if you live in Green Street Towers, Gregory Place East or West, Johnstowne, 505 E. Healey, Campus Center, or 902 S. Lincoln you can only sublet to someone who lives in your building. Otherwise, you can sublease your parking spot to anyone you'd like.