Nov 13, 2020

JSM Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSM?

JSM is the leading property management company at the University of Illinois.



What does “JSM” stand for?

JSM stands for the three brothers that established the company in 1974. The brothers are Jeff, Steve, and Mike Hartman.



How many bedrooms are JSM apartments?

JSM offers efficiencies to six bedrooms.



How can I take a tour of a JSM apartment? 

You can take a tour of our apartments by giving us a call at 217-359-6108.



How long is a JSM lease?

JSM leases are generally August to August leases. They are under 12 months in length and we try to follow the University of Illinois calendar.



What amenities does JSM offer?

JSM offers a free fitness center for all of our residents that is located at Lando Place and we also offer a resident exclusive JSM VIP Program.



What is the JSM VIP Program?

The JSM VIP Program is a resident exclusive amenity that offers deals and discounts at Campustown businesses.



Does JSM offer leased parking? 

Yes! JSM has parking leases available at or nearby all of our properties.



Does JSM offer roommate matching?

Click here to find a roommate or search roommate listings.



Are JSM apartments furnished or unfurnished?

All JSM apartments come fully furnished.



Are JSM apartments pet friendly?

Unfortunately, none of our buildings allow pets.



When is my rent due?

Rent is due on the first of every month. We have no grace period, so anything turned in after the first will be subject to a late fee.



What do I have to do before I can sign a lease with JSM?

The first thing that you’ll want to do is fill out a leasing application on our website. Once that is done, you can call our office to schedule a lease signing appointment.



Where is the JSM Office located?

The JSM Office is located at 505 S. Fifth St.



What do I need to bring with me to sign my lease?

You’ll need to bring a government-issued photo ID. We accept a passport, drivers license, or state ID. Also, we expect the security deposit to be paid at the time of signing and that is equal to one rent installment.



Who do I make my check out to?

When making your rent check out you’ll need to make it to JSM Management.



How do I submit a maintenance request?

To submit a maintenance request you’ll go to our website and click on “request maintenance”. 



Have a question we didn’t answer here? Call our office at 217-359-6108 and we’d be happy to give you an answer!