Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Entrances

Many of our buildings feature fob-controlled electronic entry or locked entrances. This allows only JSM residents access to inside the building. (See individual building listings for more information).


The University of Illinois Police provide free safety escorts so residents do not have to walk alone on campus.  Click here to visit the SafeWalks website (The link provided takes you to the University Police website. JSM is not responsible for the content.) 

Do I guarantee or cosign the lease?

JSM does not require a parent or guarantor to cosign the lease.  The residents are legally responsible for holding to the terms of the lease.

Any person over the age of 18 will need to fill out the JSM leasing application which can be found here.

How do I pay rent?

JSM offers FREE automatic withdrawal for your rent payment. The resident or a parent may sign up to have your payments automatically deducted from a checking or a savings account.  To sign up for this service, please fill out forms in our office.


JSM accepts personal checks, money orders or cashier’s checks. 


JSM offers credit and debit card payments through an online payment service,   Please be aware that Zego (Powered by Paylease) charges service charges for any payment made through their website.  Click here to pay online through Zego (Powered by Paylease). Other property management companies also use the services of Zego (Powered by Paylease), so if you have paid through Zego (Powered by Paylease) in the past to a previous landlord, you will have to deactivate your old account and create a new one.


Rent Due Dates:

Rent payment is always due on the first day of each and every month. There is no grace period. Rent may be dropped off in the office during business hours, or in the drop boxes in the front or back of the office after hours. You can also send payment to us at:

JSM Management

616 E. Green, Suite D

Champaign, IL 61820

Can I have rent automatically deducted from a checking account?

ACH Payment

JSM offers a FREE automatic payment option for all our residents. With an ACH form on file we will automatically deduct your monthly rent from your US checking or savings account on the first day of each month during your lease term.

You can pick up an ACH form in our office at 616 E. Green, Suite D in Champaign, or we can email you a form.  To have one emailed to you please contact us at or 217-359-6108. 

If you have any questions regarding automatic rent withdrawal please call or email us any time!

About Parking

Leased parking is available at most of our buildings. Parking leases are separate from apartment leases. Leasing an apartment does not guarantee a parking space will be available to lease when your lease begins.  If you know you will want a parking space, please lease it as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The information below applies to you if you have signed a parking lease with JSM.  We have parking available for lease at nearly every location.  Please contact our office at 217-359-6108 or email us at if you would like to sign a parking lease.

If your apartment building does not have leased parking, please contact the City of Champaign at 217-403-7050 for available spaces.

JSM Leased Parking Spots

JSM does not patrol parking lots or tow from your spot.  If someone is parked in your leased parking spot please call Reynolds' Towing Service at 217-337-0913. They will ask for a description of the vehicle to be towed.  When they arrive they will ask to see your valid parking lease and your photo I.D.

University Lot D21

If you have reserved parking in the University lot D21, you must pick up a parking hang tag from the JSM Management office on the parking lease start date. Parking hang tags must be displayed in vehicle as instructed on the ‘Parking Hang Tag Acknowledgement and Vehicle Registration’ form.

What does rent include?

Every building offers trash removal, monthly pest control and 24-hour maintenance.

The payment of water, sewer, internet and electricity varies from buidling to builiding. Please see each apartment's listing or your lease to see what is included in the monthly utility and service fee for your apartment. 

Please feel free to contact us at 217-359-6108 or if you have any questions.  

Information on Pavlov Internet

JSM is proud to offer Pavlov Media internet in our apartments.  This fiber-optic network connects to all our buildings, providing the fastest, most dependable internet service available.  

Pet Policy

JSM does not allow pets in our properties.  Please contact the JSM leasing office at 217-359-6108 or if you need more information.

Early Move-In

JSM does not offer an early move-in option.  Regrettably, we cannot accommodate early move-in requests for any reason.  

If you must be on campus earlier than your lease start date, please make other arrangements for accommodations and for the storage of your belongings.

If you are transferring from one JSM apartment to another, there will be a gap between the leases.  If at all possible, we will schedule a direct transfer for you so you can remain in your current JSM apartment until your next JSM apartment is available.

If you or your guests require accommodations before your lease starts we suggest you visit the Marriott TownPlace Suites, located on the corner of 6th and Green in the heart of Campustown. 

What is in a JSM lease?

You can download our current sample lease here.