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JSM makes every effort to provide complete, accurate, and current information. All information on this website is subject to possible change. This includes all rent rates, utility and service fees, amenities, floor plans, specifications, availability, and incentives.

Photographs may include staging materials, including lamps, accessories, and furniture that are not included in the lease. Please read your lease for a list of all items included with your lease. This website may include artist's renderings which may not exactly reflect the finished apartment. 

Floor plans may show different furniture or different configuration from what exists in the unit. When possible, unit numbers are listed on the floor plans. Please check unit numbers and floor plans and ask for more information if it is not clear. 

Furniture, appliance models, flooring, and wall colors and textures may vary from unit to unit. Photographs on this website and in other marketing materials may not match every unit. You may view the exact unit you are signing for before you sign a lease*. 

All furniture and flooring is subject to change. Due to availability we cannot always replace a damaged item with another of the same item. 

The utilities and services included in the Utility Fee vary by building. Please check your lease.

It is not guaranteed that you have leased an apartment or parking space until you have a lease signed by you and countersigned by JSM. We have a limited supply of apartments and they can lease very quickly.   

*Unless unusual circumstances make this impossible. You may need to make a separate viewing appointment to do this. 


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