May 07, 2024

Paris Super Crepes VIP Spotlight


Take your tastebuds on an adventure.


Here, taste buds are treated to a delicious blend of New York City vibes and French flair. Conveniently located on campus, this dessert spot is all about artisanal crepes and creamy gelato.


Whether you're a crepe lover or just craving a tasty snack, Paris Super Crepes has you covered. Customize your sundaes, indulge in heavenly dessert crepes, or munch on savory treats like sweet potato fries and milk tea. Swing by Paris Super Crepes at 601 S. Sixth St., Suite 106, and let the flavor journey begin!


Paris Super Crepes VIP Deal


Show your JSM VIP card or Community Rewards coupon at checkout for 10% off any purchase of $15 or more!


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