Jan 04, 2021

What to Bring to the JSM Fitness Center

Getting out of the house and working out is a great way to deal with stress! I love heading over to the JSM Fitness center to get a good work out after classes. But isn't it the worst when you get to the gym and realize you forgot something? Here's a list of everything I bring to the gym with me. Comment below what your gym essentials are!


1. Gym Shoes


This may seem obvious, but you gotta have the right shoes. I've worn boots to the gym before in the winter only to get there and realize I left my tennis shoes at home. It's also not a bad idea to have a pair of shoes dedicated only for the gym.


2. Water bottle


I love my Swell water bottle but any will do! Having something to keep you hydrated at the gym will help you get the most out of your work outs. If you do happen to forget yours or run out of water, the JSM Fitness center has water fountains too. 


3. Headphones


Having music to motivate you through those last reps or to finish that last mile is a must. Bringing headphones means you can pick the music based on your mood. 


4. Mask


Wearing a mask is almost second nature at this point. It's best to wear it when you get to the gym, in between work outs, and when you leave. 


5. Hand sanitizer


Even though the gym is cleaned often, it's still a good idea to use hand sanitizer before and after your work out. This helps cut down on germs and keep everyone at the gym healthy. 


6. Lock


The JSM fitness center has lockers to use for your convenience. If you bring extra stuff to the gym, you can put it in a locker. These are great for when you have your book bag and lap top with you after studying or class. 


Let us know if there's anything we missed or what your gym essentials are!