• September 11th, 2019
    By Mackenzie Sheridan

    VIP Spotlight: Signature Grill

    Signature Grill is the JSM Spotlight for the month of September! Signature Grill is an Asian Fusion establishment on campus. When you show your JSM VIP Card at Signature Grill you will receive a free specialty drink with any purchase of $10 or more! Learn a little more about this awesome retailer. 

    We sat down with Chandana, from Signature Grill, to ask a few questions.


    Q: What is Signature Grill?

    A: Signature Grill is an Asian Fusion restauraunt. It's basically make your own style Indian fast food. So we have salads, rice bowls, rice crepes,and burritos, and tacos, (for people who are interested in Mexican Indian fusion flavors) 


    Q: When did Signature Grill open?

    A: We opened in March of 2018. We've learned a lot. I graduated from U of I and I really wanted to bring my flavor -- I'm from India -- so Indian flavor to the campus and give something really refreshing at a very affordable cost. I think we've been doing great for the past year and I think it's only ascending. We are learning a lot of things and connecting with the community and it's been a great year so far.


    Q: What is Signature Grill's most popular menu item?

    A: One of the most popular menu items is Chicken Tikka. So, chicken tikka is a chicken breast marinated in tomato and cream. It's one of the most famous protein options. You can have it with a rice bowl, taco, burrito, wrap, or you can even make a dosa with it. So people like to just combine it with other proteins and sauces to make anything they want. So I would say that is probably our most popular menu items.


    Q: What is the JSM VIP Deal?

    A: The JSM VIP Deal is a free speciality drink with a $10 purchase. Like a Mango Lassi, which is basically like a mango milkshake, made of mangos and yogurt and other flavors. We also have a rose milkshake and an almond milkshake. If you make a $10 purchase you get a speciality drink for free, which is worth $3.


    Q: What is the best part about your job with Signature Grill? 

    A: I have met so many people, like, not even just from Champaign, but I have friends from Japan now...people come in from all different places and they like your food and they want to connect with you...and that is the best part of this job, especially working in such a multicultural crowd like U of I.


    Q: What makes Signature Grill unique in Campustown?

    A: You know, anyone can have it. Not just an Indian can come in and have Indian food. It's for the global crowd, so that's one thing that is unique about Signature Grill. Also it's affordable and it's healthy and it has all types of nutrition. It has proteins, carbs, and the right amounts of veggies, and a lot of flavor, so I think that also makes it unique. 


    Watch the video below for the full interview!