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This information applies to you if your building is equipped with an electronic entry system.

The directory located by the building entrance allows access for non-residents.  Visitors must search the directory listing for the resident they wish to visit and contact them via the intercom.  The intercom will ring the phone number submitted for that resident.  The resident should then press ‘9’ to buzz in the visitor.  Please submit your phone number to JSM so the entry system will be able to contact you. You may submit your number by completing the online form below.

Directory Form

Select your building and unit number. Please provide your and your roommates’ names and corresponding telephone numbers for access to your building’s automatic door entry system. Next to each person’s name on the entry system display, a code will be listed. When your guest punches in that code, the system will call the phone number given. When your phone rings you may buzz your guest in by answering the call and then pressing the “9” key on your phone.

*Please allow one week after submission for names to appear in your building’s entry system. During the months of August and September please allow two weeks after submission for names to appear. 

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Resident Information

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