General Information



You may submit all non-emergency maintenance requests through the Resident Portal. Anyone who submits a maintenance request is giving JSM staff permission to enter the apartment.  If no one is in the apartment when a maintenance request is being completed, a notice will be left in the apartment to notify residents that maintenance was in the apartment and work was being done.

For the first few days after move-in, our maintenance department will handle emergencies and problems which most affect the livability of apartments as their first priority.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance: 217-359-2695

Emergency maintenance requests include anything that can cause damage to property if not immediately attended to such as: water leaking from the ceiling, windows, or water leaking from the floor due to broken pipes or blocked drains.  Other emergency items would include not having at least one working toilet in the apartment and refrigerator not cooling.

Should you be a victim of vandalism, and damage has occurred to the JSM property, it is your responsibility to contact the police and file a report as well as contacting JSM immediately.

Read more about maintenance fees here.

Read more about maintenance information here.



Please report any additional cleaning requests within 24 hours after move-in to the JSM office. 


Noise Complaints

If another resident of the building is causing an excessive noise disturbance, complaints should be directed to the non-emergency number for the police department (Urbana:  217-384-2320, Champaign: 217-333-8911).  In the event a specific apartment seems to have recurring noise issues and the police have been contacted multiple times, please report that issue to our office.


Light Bulbs

Our maintenance team will replace light bulbs as needed. In the event you need a light bulb replaced, please submit a maintenance request through the Resident Portal. 



Maintenance will replace batteries free of charge if requested. JSM strongly encourages you to change the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year. If your smoke detector is beeping periodically, it may indicate the batteries need to be changed.


Showing Schedules

After move-in, we begin to contact our residents to see if they have any interest in renewing their apartment (please see additional information under ‘Leasing and Parking Definitions’ section on our website).  Any apartment that is still available for lease will have their apartment shown by a JSM leasing agent.  As a reminder, apartments that are clean and tidy, show well to prospective residents and tend to lease faster.

For Urbana units only, once the apartment has been signed, current residents will receive mail notification that their apartment has been leased for the following year.  While subject to change, click here to view the show schedule.


Viewing Appointments

Want to see an apartment?  Call our office at 217-610-8203 or email to schedule an appointment!  To respect our current residents, JSM only shows apartments from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and between 12:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. Though we gladly accept walk-ins, our schedule may not always be able to accommodate them. We recommend calling a few days in advance to schedule an appointment. Some apartments lease very quickly.  Scheduling a viewing appointment does not guarantee an apartment will still be available for lease.


Lease Applications

There is no fee to submit an online leasing application. If you are signing a unit with roommates, one person should begin an application and invite all other roommates to the application process. This will group the applications together automatically and expedite the lease signing process for all involved! Please note, all roommates have to complete the online leasing application before we can move forward with generating a lease agreement. 


Lease Signing 

Once all applications are submitted, call the JSM office at 217-610-8203 or email Please note, completing an application does not guarantee a specific unit lease. Unit availability will be presented to the prospective residents at the start of the lease signing process. 

To sign a lease with JSM, prospective residents will need to provide a security deposit. The deposit is equal to one rental installment of the unit. Submitted payments can be split amongst roommates to equal the total due to JSM for the unit. When the applications are approved, security deposit is received, and a unit is selected, a lease can be generated for review and signature.

We strongly encourage all prospective residents to review the sample lease available on the JSM website. Familiarize yourself with the policies and expectations of JSM, and feel free to contact the office to clarify any questions you may have.

We hope to have you as a resident with JSM!



Resident(s) and Guest(s) shall follow all JSM Rules and Regulations. A Guest is an individual welcomed by all occupants of the apartment with the understanding the Guest and their belongings will not stay longer than a few days.