Move Out Information


Moving Out? Here’s what you should know!

Whether you are subleasing your apartment, vacating your apartment early, or just wanting to be prepared for your lease ending, we have some helpful information to ensure your move-out process is smooth and simple!

The first step is to review your apartment lease!

Your apartment lease will list the date of final payments and the last day of your lease. Your lease is available for review within the Documents tab of your Resident Portal.



Before moving out, please have your account paid in full. Late charges apply to all outstanding balances.

  • Resident Portal: If you regularly pay online through the Resident Portal, log on to your account to ensure you do not have any future payments scheduled. If you have not canceled reoccurring payments through the Resident Portal, your account may continue to be charged past your lease-end.



If you will be subleasing, please review our online summer subleasing instructions here. Also, be sure to coordinate with your sublessee(s) for:

  • The transfer of all keys and garage remotes
  • The transfer of utilities to ensure there is no gap in electric or water service
  • The scheduling of an apartment inspection with one of the original residents and one of the sublessees.


Early Move-Out

If your apartment is vacating early, please note you are still responsible for your rent and utilities. All services paid directly to any utility companies must remain in your name until your lease end date. Please refer to your lease in your Resident Portal for your exact lease end date.

Security deposits will be processed at lease end, please expect it within 30 days after your lease end date.

You can return keys to our office during office hours, or use our key return mailbox in our vestibule if returning after office hours.


Power Service

Residents who are responsible for their electricity and/or gas will need to contact Ameren IP to shut off power service at the end of the lease. (307 E. Armory, 401 E. Chalmers, 700 S. Gregory, 701 S. Gregory (except for units 203, 303, & 403 gas service), Apt. #50 (the studio) at 1103 S. Euclid and individual lease residents must not call the power company to shut off service nor shut off any circuit breakers since all power accounts for the unit are in JSM’s name.)

Please leave the electricity on until the day after your lease expires, so the apartment may be checked out properly.


Water Service

Residents who are responsible for their water will need to contact Illinois American Water at (800) 422-2782 or visit this site to schedule shut off. (Apartments who need to call to shut off the water are 102 E. Gregory, 1103 S. Euclid, 201 S. Wright, 206 S. Sixth, 301 S. Water, 303 S. Wright, 308 E. Armory, 405 E. White, 406 E. Clark, 508 E. Stoughton, 510 E. Green, and 604 E. Clark.)

Please leave the water on until the day after your lease expires, so the apartment may be checked out properly.

If you are vacating your apartment early, you may schedule your water to be shut off 10-days after you submit all keys AND pay all rent and utility charges.

*Please be aware that residents who are responsible for power and/or water service are required to maintain services in their name until their lease obligations have been fulfilled. Should you shut off service prematurely, JSM will be billed for your apartment’s services; those charges along with a $25 administrative fee will be placed on your apartment’s account.


Other Services

If you elected for cable service, please contact your cable provider to disconnect service to your apartment.

If you have land-line telephone service, please contact your provider to schedule the disconnection.


Update Your Address

If you have a NEW forwarding address for your security deposit refund, please ensure your address is updated in your Resident Portal prior to the end of your lease term. If your forwarding address is still the original permanent address you provided us, you do not need to change anything. 

To ensure continuous mail delivery, please update your new U.S. address with the U.S. Postal Service online here.

Also, be sure to update your address with any business or person who sends you mail and/or packages.

*JSM does not collect misaddressed mail, and you will not have access to your mailbox after you have relinquished keys and vacated your apartment.


Smart TV and/or Smart Devices

If your apartment is equipped with a smart TV or another smart device, be sure to log out and remove your personal data from the JSM devices. JSM will not be responsible for unauthorized use of accounts not removed from JSM devices.


Clean Your Apartment

  • Clean the entire apartment and patio thoroughly – including all appliances, cupboards, floors, furniture, baseboards, bathrooms, ceiling fans, vent covers, windows, and glass patio doors.
  • Ensure you use proper cleaning products for any stainless-steel appliances.
  • Vacuum the carpet – including underneath all furniture.
  • After turning off your apartment circuit breakers and switching off power to your refrigerator, please leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open to prevent mold growth and subsequent cleaning charges.
  • Remove all trash.
  • Wipe away any cobwebs and dust thoroughly. 

Costs to clean the apartment, remove trash, and repair damages may be charged against your security deposit. You may request a cleaning check-list from the office to assist you in the cleaning process.

DO NOT leave any items for the new people moving in. We will temporarily store and then dispose of anything left in the apartment and you will be liable for the storage and disposal fees.


Key and Remote Return

  • Please obtain Key Return Envelope(s) from our office.
  • Place all apartment keys inside one envelope and place garage remotes (one per envelope) inside a separate envelope.
  • Label each envelope with either the apartment address and unit number or with the garage address and parking space number.
  • Return the envelope(s) to the JSM office at 616 E. Green, Suite D. Keys returned after normal office hours should be placed in the locked drop boxes at our office and inside a labeled Key Return Envelope. DO NOT place keys without a labeled envelope inside the boxes.

DO NOT give your keys to the new residents nor allow the new residents to move in early. They may cause damages for which you will be held liable.

We never recommend returning the keys by mail. If you must return keys by mail, we recommend using a padded envelope or a small box. We also suggest getting tracking on the package to ensure the keys reach our office on time. If, for any reason, we do not receive all the keys in our office by the expiration of the lease, locks will be changed, and charges will be applied to your account. Keys returned after the lease expiration date and time will still result in a lock change charge.

*The current fees for lock changes are $75 for a front door lock and $30 for a mailbox lock. Costs to replace missing entry fobs are $30. Costs to replace missing keys are $5. Costs to replace missing garage remotes are $50.

* Fees subject to change.