Leased Parking


Leased parking is available at most of our buildings. Parking leases are separate from apartment leases. Leasing an apartment does not guarantee a parking space will be available to lease when your lease begins. If you know you will want a parking space, please lease it as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The information below applies to you if you have signed a parking lease with JSM. We have parking available for lease at nearly every location. Please contact our office at 217-359-6108 or email us at if you would like to sign a parking lease.

If your apartment building does not have leased parking, please contact the City of Champaign at 217-403-7050 for available spaces.

JSM Leased Parking Spots

JSM does not patrol parking lots or tow from your spot. If someone is parked in your leased parking spot please call Reynolds' Towing Service at 217-337-0913. They will ask for a description of the vehicle to be towed. When they arrive they will ask to see your valid parking lease and your photo I.D.

University Lots D21 and D22

If you have reserved parking in the University lots D21/D22 or Krannert, you must pick up a parking hang tag from the JSM Management office on the parking lease start date. Parking hang tags must be displayed in vehicle as instructed on the ‘Parking Hang Tag Acknowledgement and Vehicle Registration’ form.