Campus Center Public Parking Deck


601 S Sixth Exterior


1-8 hours - $1.50/hour

9-12 hours - $13.00

13-24 hours - $15.00


Visitors are welcome to remain parked in the parking deck as long as needed. The meter resets every 24 hrs (Ex: parking for 26 hrs = $18, 48 hrs = $30).





Please note that starting January, 1st 2022 no cash will be accepted. Machines will take debit and credit cards only.

The Campus Center Public Parking Deck, located at 509 E. Healey Street in the heart of Campustown, provides ample parking just steps away from great local restaurants and shopping. You can park here while you grab a bite to eat, or leave your vehicle a little while longer while you head to Memorial Stadium or The State Farm Center to support our Fighting Illini! There are also designated spots for carpoolers and fuel-efficient vehicles. Our deck puts you within walking distance of the Main Quad, Engineering Quad, and all other UIUC buildings.


The parking deck is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With four levels of parking, there are plenty of spots available, along with spots specifically designated for motorcycles on the first level. Also on the first level is ample parking for bicycles (free of charge, of course). Our deck offers four convenient EV charging stations. The charging stations will work for all electric vehicles with the appropriate adapter (J1772). The cost to utilize the charging station is $2.50/hour. If your vehicle remains at the charging station longer than 30 minutes after charging is complete, you will be charged $4/hour for any additional time. There are two stairwells on the north and south end of the deck, along with an elevator in the south entrance. Each level’s handicap parking is near the south entrance for your convenience.   


When entering the deck you will need to enter your credit/debit card. When you are ready to exit the garage, insert the same debit/credit card. The card will be charged upon exiting.


Should you have any trouble with the automated system not responding or accepting your payment, please contact Keith Sparrow at 217-239-4304 or via email at

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